Bug reporting

The upstream Gitlab project should be used to report bugs and request features against ruby-libvirt. Before submitting an issue, check the existing tickets to see if the bug/feature is already tracked.

Contacting the development team

Mailing lists

There are two mailing lists:

This list is a place for discussions about the development of libvirt (including ruby-libvirt). Topics for discussion include:
  • New features for libvirt
  • Bug fixing of libvirt
  • New hypervisor drivers
  • Development of language bindings for the libvirt API
  • Testing and documentation of libvirt
This list is a place for discussions involving libvirt users (including ruby-libvirt users). Topics for discussion include:
  • Usage of libvirt / virsh
  • Administration of libvirtd
  • Deployment of libvirt with hypervisors
  • Development of applications on top of / using the libvirt API(s)
  • Any other topics along these lines

Both mailing lists require that you subscribe before posting to the list, otherwise your posting will be delayed for manual approval by mailman. You can subscribe at the linked webpages above.

Patches with explanations and provided as attachments are appreciated and should be sent to the development mailing list. If possible generate the patches by using git format-patch in a GIT clone.

IRC discussion

Some of the libvirt developers may be found on IRC on the OFTC IRC network. Use the settings:

NB There is no guarantee that someone will be watching or able to reply promptly, so use the mailing-list if you don't get an answer on the IRC channel.