This page contains documentation for application writers using the ruby-libvirt bindings

RDoc API documentation

The API documentation for the ruby-libvirt bindings are automatically generated out of the source code using RDoc.


Sometimes the easiest way to learn is by looking through example code. The following examples each demonstrate one or more of the methods in the library. Note that some of the examples may not work on your particular setup, depending on the hypervisor in use, the version of libvirt in use, and the version of the ruby-libvirt bindings in use.

  1. Connect to a hypervisor
  2. Connect to a hypervisor with authentication needed
  3. Retrieve various information about a hypervisor
  4. Manipulate a domain
  5. React to domain events
  6. Query the connection pointer for information
  7. Create and retrieve a secret
  8. Create a network
  9. Create a network filter
  10. List information about node (host) devices
  11. Create an interface
  12. Create a storage pool and storage volume and retrieve information